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Our online-lesson offer
Advantages of online lessons
Teaching method
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Our online-lesson offer

ProContact specialises on teaching German, English and Polish for international Clients. If you are interested in learning another language, we will do our best to find you the best teacher.

As part of our online courses, we offer:

  • regular general courses leading to a particular level (inclusive general business language),
  • language consultation – a special type of lesson for those familiar with the language at a given level, but in need of support before giving a special presentation, taking part in a meeting or about to have an interview,
  • short refresher courses,
  • courses for improving a specific skill such as conversation, correspondence in a foreign language, improving pronunciation or grammar,
  • specialised-language courses (e.g. law, business).

Advantages of online lessons

In view of the changing world we live in, especially the pace of life and the development of new technology, we would like to offer you a modern solution in the field of language learning, namely online learning. Our offer incorporates all the advantages of traditional language courses as well as the convenience given by the internet.

Online language training is a revolutionary solution for Clients who:

  • do not want to waste time travelling to and from a language school,
  • are unable to keep to a fixed time of study due to changeable working hours,
  • often travel on business and are unable to attend lessons regularly in one place.

By choosing an online course, our Client is not dependent on where the lesson takes place, and the lesson times may be chosen to suit the Client's needs.

Teaching method

Obviously, the purpose of teaching is clear communication in a foreign language. The methods we use at ProContact are aimed at that goal. It is not only about “getting by” in a language, but our ambition is for our Clients to reach a level where they can be proud about their language competence both in the private and business life. We develop clarity of pronunciation, a wide vocabulary and a good grasp of grammar.

In our lessons we focus on:

  • employing various methods and audiovisual tools so that learning is not boring but enjoyable, and so brings visible effects,
  • creating a balance between fluency and accuracy, so as not to neglect grammar whilst strengthening communicative skills,
  • concentrating on competencies and knowledge which are actually needed, so the students feel they are in a position to make practical use of what they have learned in the class,
  • building a positive, dynamic and motivated atmosphere in which to study.

As we in ProContact value the direct contact between teacher and student, we ensure that the online lessons are as similar to traditional face-to-face lessons as possible. The communication platform which we use has many additional functions which enrich the formula of a traditional lesson with ingenious solutions. To start learning, all you need is your computer, tablet or smartphone as well as a set of headphones and a microphone.

Free trial lesson

Feel free to try out a free, trial lesson. Please fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

In the message text you may select your language as well as your approximate level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and your preferred day and times for a trial lesson. The detailed assessment of Client’s language level will be provided during the trial lesson.

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