Projects co-financed by the European Union

Over the last few years ProContact has gained the expertise to create and manage projects co-financed by the European Union. We deal with complex projects, from both the conceptual and formal perspectives.

Our offer for companies, institutions, local government bodies and NGOs includes:

  • a selection of appropriate sources of funding within the terms of the new European Union budget for 2014 to 2020 (Regional Operational Programme for the District of Lower Silesia and the national Operational Programme Knowledge, Education, Development) in connection to your idea for a project,
  • the design concept, based on your experience, abilities and expectations,
  • the comprehensive preparations of applications for finance and participation in the financial negotiations,
  • subsequent coordination and accounting of the project and/or help in preparing your staff for the fulfillment of their duties in coordinating the project,
  • internal auditing of the project and preparation for inspection.

Terms and costs of cooperation are decided on a case-by-case basis in regards to the range of services on offer.

Projects recommended for funding and realised
References from cooperating parties and participants

Projects recommended for funding and realised

The company ProContact has had experience in preparing funding applications for training projects under the European Union budget for the years 2007 to 2013. Of the six prepared POKL (Human Capital Operational Programme) projects, every one of them was recommended for financing.

The ProContact company has single-handedly realised two projects under Measure 9.5: Bottom-up education initiative in rural areas (Details in Polish). Thanks to these projects, around 50 people from the Jelcz-Laskowice community have been able to undertake free English and German language lessons as well as receiving advice on ‘lifelong learning'.

The following two larger-scale projects were developed in cooperation with the renowned Germanica language school. Two training projects were developed on the school's behalf under the terms of Measure 9.4: Highly qualified personnel of the educational system (Details in Polish). As a result of this, around 400 teachers from all over the district of Lower Silesia, especially from rural areas, took part in an extensive training programme. It was not only the language courses and training about theory of teaching but also the workshops on entrepreneurship and international cooperation with foreign schools that attracted a high degree of interest. Both projects were highly praised by the participants and inspectors from the Marshal's Office of the Department of European Funding.

References from cooperating parties and participants

As a testimony to the quality of our services in the field of EU projects, we present here some references from cooperating parties and participants of our previous projects.

Leszek Chmura
Owner of SJO Germanica

Magdalena Stróżyk has been cooperating with the Germanica Language School regarding EU funding of training projects since 2010. Our work has involved creating the training project, completing financing applications, negotiations with the Marshall's Office before signing contracts, and the subsequent implementation of the project. We have together implemented two major projects for teacher-training in Lower Silesia under Measure 9.4. Magdalena developed the concepts for both projects and additionally completed the finance applications. As part of the realisation of the first project, she worked as project coordinator. In the second, she carried out the internal audit during the project.
Cooperation with Magdalena Stróżyk has been running most professionally. She is someone who is focussed on the achievement of our goal, full of enthusiasm for her work, and creative as well. In addition, Magdalena places great importance on the accuracy of documents concerned with project-financing in the EU, thanks to which inspections from the Marshall's Office have run smoothly and have ended with positive assessments. I heartily recommend cooperating with Magdalena Stróżyk when raising funds for the implementation of training programmes.

Anna Serafin-Gołębiowska
Participant in POKL project

From March to June 2013 I took part in an English-language training course run by Magdalena Stróżyk's company ProContact as part of the project called “Community of Jelcz-Laskowice: We want to learn languages”, POKL.09.05.00-02-244/12, Priority IX, Development of education and competencies in regions, 9.5. Bottom-up education initiative in rural areas in Jelcz-Laskowice.
The training took place in the Secondary-School Complex in Jelcz-Laskowice. The course was very well organised, the participants were streamed according to their language abilities, and the lecture room was well equipped with multimedia board, camera and laptop. The participants received textbooks, exercises, dictionaries and other learning aids. My group was led by Karolina Jągowska, a passionate teacher who was extremely well prepared both in terms of course content and methodology. The lessons made good use of the teaching aids available in the room. Our teacher also had prepared her own teaching aids, such as flashcards, pictures and photographs which we described, and scripts for various situations in which we could practice responding in English. Different teaching methods were used throughout and she was always well prepared for the lessons, which had an atmosphere of hard work, kindness and deep interest in the topic, with the result that we performed well in the final test.
I am satisfied with the way I completed the English-language training, and for this reason I recommend courses with ProContact to anyone interested in learning English.

Jadwiga Mitek
Director of Schools in Jelcz-Laskowice, participant in POKL project

In 2013 I took part in an English-language course organised by the company ProContact, as an EU project.
The lesson times were arranged by consultation with the course participants. This was important as the majority of the group had professional commitments, and we met twice a week.
The training was provided by Karolina Jągowska, who was excellently prepared for every lesson. To supplement the textbook, Karolina incorporated additional teaching materials she had prepared herself. Her kindness and her approach encouraged all of us to work intensively, and this bore fruit in the form of our good results in the final exams.

Jadwiga Frąckowiak
Participant in POKL project

Karolina Jągowska is an excellent teacher in the English-language lessons she conducts. She is highly effective in conveying the content of the material to the students. Her classes are very interesting, and encourage her students to participate fully in the lessons.

Marta Bąk
Participant in POKL project

Magdalena Stróżyk, with the company ProContact, conducted a training course as part of the project called “Community of Jelcz-Laskowice: We want to learn languages” from March to June 2013. The training I participated in fulfilled my needs for learning English. The training was responsibly organised from start to finish, in the way it was originally planned and running to time. I must emphasise that the lessons conducted by Tomasz Budkowski were very well suited to the level and knowledge of every participant. The lessons were characterised by the appropriate level of preparation and involvement of the teacher. I am grateful to Magdalena Stróżyk's company ProContact for organising this training in my town and look forward to future cooperation.

Aleksandra Nowak
Participant in POKL project

My lessons were conducted by Tomasz Budkowski and were very interesting, and through them I learned a great deal of interesting information about the English language. The lesson times were well suited to the students, so we had no problems at all in attending them. Class topics focussed both on grammar and on vocabulary. A great deal of emphasis was placed on speaking, thanks to which our ability to speak in English improved. The lessons were full of variety and tailored to the needs of everyone.

Wojciech Ostrowski
Participant in POKL project

Karolina Jągowska is a wonderful teacher, and in those few months I made incredible progress. It is a far better and more enjoyable method of learning than in any other language school in my district.

Stanisław Wiewiór
Participant in POKL project

I took part in an English-language course at A1 level. The course was run from March to June 2013, and the teacher was Karolina Jągowska. The way the lessons were run, the contact with the teacher and, above all, the way the topics were communicated was, in my opinion, clear and easy to understand. The advice regarding the additional teaching materials that Karolina gave us was also very valuable. She is, in my opinion, of the highest rank in her profession. The organisation of the lessons, i.e. the days and hours, were also well suited to me. KEEP IT UP! I am pleased that I took part in this language-training course.